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We Teach You How To Self-Publish Nonfiction, Get More Value From The Books You Read And Build Your Brand With The SWIFT Method

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Want the best way to write and get your book self-published effortlessly?

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Looking for a serious book club that actually delivers you epic results?

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Want to take your brands growth to the next level with books?

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Unlock the Full Potential of Nonfiction Books With The SWIFT Method

A great book can be an invaluable tool on your journey. It may seem overwhelming at first, but with Book Brand Club we created an effective method so you can master nonfiction books like a pro!

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Story-Based Solution

Each best-seller possesses its own distinctive narrative and profound connection to the human spirit.

Who and Why

Understanding the intended audience and purpose for reading your nonfiction book is vital to your impact.

Intentional Interest

Uncover how our intentional interest style content keeps readers engaged in the journey with every page.

Focus and Flow

Find your creative flow by eliminating distractions and dissolving resistance so you can increase productivity.

Tactical Teamwork

Network with experts who value your message to help make it accessible for a larger audience..

Expand Your Brand In 3 Simple Steps

Here’s how you can expedite the growth of your business:

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Explore Our Pages

This is how you get to know us.

Experience what Book Brand Club is all about by browsing around our website. It’s important our message resonates with you. You’re going to get light bulb moments just by exploring all our pages. We designed it that way so your time isn’t wasted!

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Get Our Newsletter

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We respect your inbox. That’s why you won’t see us flood you with useless emails. Only quality content designed to help you scale your brand. Once a week we send out exclusive content created in house.

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Join Our Club

This is when you trust us.

Every time you make an education based purchase the returns should be at least double of what you invested. That’s why you won’t see overpriced courses on our site. However, you will discover a growth minded community of entrepreneurs, experts and authors who love to collaborate and grow.

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Self-Publish Transformative Books And Get The Most Out Of What You’re Reading

Want to self-publish your own best-seller?

The thought of writing a book is daunting, but it’s essential if you want your voice heard in today’s market. You have a lot of valuable information to share, but you’re not sure how to get started on writing a book.

Want to get maximum impact from the self-development books you read?

You’ve probably read a few best-sellers in your lifetime. But have they actually helped you or your brand? Most likely not. That’s because what we read is quickly forgotten unless we have a process to make it stick.

Want to improve your life or grow your brand by learning from some of the best minds on the planet?

Book Brand Club is where you need to be. Our members are passionate about entrepreneurship, business, investing, personal development, health & fitness and much more!

Want the best way to write and get your book published?

The SWIFT Method makes the nonfiction self- publishing process easy, fun and transformative for you and your reader. We guide you every step of the way as you go from idea to author.

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Looking for a serious book club that actually delivers epic results?

It’s one thing to read a book and feel motivated for a limited time but that’s not going to give you the change you desire. It takes full emersion that only a mastermind group can create.

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Get Fresh Articles Sent Straight To Your Inbox Once A Week When You Join Now

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